Synthetic Chemistry for Drug Research & Development

Synthetic Chemistry for Pharmaceutical Research & Development
  • Synthesis of Complex APIs
  • Novel synthetic platforms for API development
  • Analytical Characterization
  • API Solid State Characterization
  • High Throughput Experiments
  • Catalysis
  • Reaction Engineering
  • Crystallization
  • Technical
  • Economics
  • Strategic

1. TCG GreenChem's Automated Reaction Design and Engineering Lab (ARDEL) Capabilities:

  • The Automated Reaction Design and Engineering Lab (ARDEL) consists of many functions critical to process research and development and supports innovation for the acceleration of molecules into the drug development pipeline for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry
  • ARDEL clearly is the central function of TCG GreenChem which differentiates us from others by accelerating drug development via delivering cost effective and sustainable manufacturing processes of API for our clients

2. TCG GreenChem’s Continuous Flow Technology Lab (CFL) Capabilities

The Continuous Flow Technology Lab (CFL) compliments ARDEL by creating unique opportunities to convert batch processing into continuous flow processes. As documented below, continuous flow chemistry is a disruptive technology and has many attributes:
  • Reduce Footprint/Capital to Manufacture SM, RSM, and API
  • Able to do hazardous chemical reactions in a safe operating mode
  • Able to create economical low temperature reactions, because cooling a smaller reactor volume (15 ml reactor volume vs. 4,000L reactor)
  • Reduce time by doing processes at higher temperatures or pressures safely (i.e., HPA : 2 min. vs. 12 HR, DTG: 15 min vs. 12 HR…)
  • Capture unique IP for Client and possibly TCG GC (generics)
  • Competitive advantage as differentiates TCG GC from competitors
  • Increase productivity for a process and lower cost as per above

Multidisciplinary Offerings

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