Process Research & Development

The focus of the company is on helping the biotech, pharmaceutical, generic, and chemical industry to develop scalable, practical, robust and economically feasible syntheses for supporting small molecule business.
  • Develop cost-efficient, green, and sustainable manufacturing processes for intermediates and APIs
  • Identification of polymorphic forms and development of robust crystallization
  • Engineering novel solutions for complex synthetic processes
  • Accelerate development of phase appropriate synthetic processes for APIs
  • Remove hazardous, dangerous, and expensive chemistry
  • Rapid Scale-up to Pre-clinical and IND Toxicology Studies
  • Impurities and Intermediates Preparation
  • Supply Chain Management and Starting Material Preparation

HAZOP and Process R&D

  • Evaluate Key Parameters for Vessel Design (MOC, Agitation, etc.)
  • New Route Scouting and Process Development
  • Raw Materials Selection
  • Scalability Assessment
  • Solution Stability and Hold Time Studies