Chris H. Senanayake, PhD

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Dr. Chris H. Senanayake was born in Sri Lanka and received a BS degree (First Class) in Sri Lanka. After coming to the United States, he completed his MS at Bowling Green State University with Professor Thomas Kinstle in synthetic chemistry. He obtained his Ph.D. under the guidance of Professor James H. Rigby at Wayne State University in 1987 where he worked on the total synthesis of complex natural products, such as ophiobolanes, and completed the first total synthesis of grosshemin in the guaianolide family. He then undertook a postdoctoral fellow with Professor Carl R. Johnson and worked on the total synthesis of polyol systems such as amphotericin B and compactin analogous, and the synthesis of C-nucleoside precursors.

In 1989, he joined the Department of Process Development at Dow Chemical Co. In 1990, he joined the Merck Process Research Group. After 6 years at Merck, he accepted a position at Sepracor, Inc. in 1996 where he was promoted to Executive Director of Chemical Process Research. In 2002, he joined Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He served 15 years as the Vice President of Chemical Development at BI and led a group of highly talented scientists, engineers, and administrative staff located in Ridgefield, CT. In 2018, he joined AstaTech (Chengdu) BioPharmaceutical Corporation as the Chief Executive Officer where he oversees all subsidiaries and founded AstaGreen Chem Inc., in Richmond, VA where he became CEO. In October 2019, he became the Chief Scientific Officer of TCG Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. and founded TCG GreenChem Inc, in the US where he also became CEO. He was appointed President of AstaTech (Chengdu) BioPharmaceutical Corporation. Dr. Senanayake’s research interests focus on the development of new asymmetric methods for the synthesis of bioactive molecules and heterocycles and on catalytic, enzymatic, and mechanistic studies. He has published and lectured in the area of practical asymmetric synthesis and many disciplines of organic chemistry how to develop drugs on an economical, greener and practical manner in large-scale operation for rapid development of drugs. He is the co-author of >500 papers, patents, book chapters and review articles, and more than 115 patents in many areas of synthetic organic chemistry, drug development, and design of improved chemical entities. Dr. Senanayake participated in many drug development activities including, Crixivan, Lunesta, Jardiance, R, R Formotorol, Desvenlafaxine, HCV and many other drug candidates.

Dr. Senanayake demonstrates the ability to define and optimize chemical research and development strategies and tactics. He is able to “connect the dots” between the purely scientific and commercial perspectives and set up creative and effective strategies for new and proprietary products in ways that build value for the organization and create a competitive advantage. He is an Editorial Advisory Board Member of the Organic Process Research & Development Journal. In 2008, he was the chairperson of Stereochemistry Gordon Research Conference. In 2010, he received the prestigious Siegfried Gold Medal Award for development of practical processes for APIs and Process Chemistry. In 2011, He was appointed as an Editorial Board Member of the Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis Journal. In 2012, he was appointed as an Advisory Board Member of the Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry. In 2013, he was appointed as a Board of Editors Member for Organic Syntheses. In 2016, he joined as an IQ Board Member. In November 2017, he was appointed as an Advisory Board Member of Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry. In 2017, he was appointed as the Board of Director of CURE (connecting Connecticut’s science community). In 2020, he was invited give the Behringer Simon Lecture at ETH on Sustainable Manufacturing Processes for APIs. He was appointed as an Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and also appointed a Prestigious Research Professorship at University of Toledo.

Joseph D. Armstrong, III, PhD

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dr. Joseph D. Armstrong, III graduated from Pfeiffer College in 1982 with a BS double major in Mathematics and Chemistry and a minor in History. He then went on to obtain his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1988 under the direction of Professor David Walba and did his post-doctoral work at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville under the direction of Professor Robert E. Ireland.

Dr. Armstrong joined the Process Research Department at Merck & Co. Inc. in Rahway, N.J in 1990 and has held many varied roles with increasing levels of responsibility. From 2001-2004, he was the Early Development Team Co-Chair (charged with developing the integrated strategy to transition a compound from Discovery into Clinical Trials) and led the Process Research Development Team that designed, developed and implemented the manufacturing process for the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in Januvia TM. Januvia is a treatment for Type II diabetes and is currently marketed in >100 counties and generates >$6 billion dollars a year in sales. In 2005, he took on an international rotation in the UK for 2 years with Merck in the Pharmaceutical Research and Development Department focusing on formulation research. In 2007, he was promoted to Senior Director and managed the sites in Canada, UK, and Japan for Process Research. He returned to Rahway in 2008 and led the group of Project Chemistry, responsible for all API deliveries from enabling toxicology studies, through Phase I to Phase III clinical trials and subsequentially to file an NDA. Dr. Armstrong also led the Basic Pharmaceutical Research Group which was charged with leveraging pre-formulation and process research scientists in addressing liabilities for identifying pre-clinical candidates. Building upon this knowledge, he was tapped to be the Preclinical Sciences Lead, which included Safety Assessment, Process Research, Formulation, Drug Metabolism and Phase I clinical trials, for both companies, Legacy Schering Plough and Legacy Merck. He was charged with integrating the two companies, to develop strategy, organizational design, new work-flow processes, vision and culture for the new Discovery and Preclinical Sciences Department. In October of 2010, he rejoined Process Chemistry as Executive Director leading scientists in the Discovery Process Chemistry Department, the RNA Therapeutics Department and the Structure Elucidation Group. In 2016, he took on a new role as Executive Director in Project Management overseeing Companion Diagnostics, the Oncology Phase I pipeline (21 NCEs) and Oncology Translational Medicine Biomarkers for all drugs to be used in combination with Merck’s leading oncology drug, Keytruda. He finished his career at Merck developing a comprehensive chemical management system for the entire corporation from “cradle to grave” for all chemicals ranging from target identification to commercialization. Currently, Dr. Armstrong is Chief Operating Officer of TCG GreenChem.

The Process Research Development Team for JanuviaTM was awarded the Solvias Prize in 2004 (Basel, Switzerland), the IChemE Aztra-Zeneca Award for Green Chemistry and Engineering in 2005 (London, UK), the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 2006 (Washington D.C.) and the Prix Galien Award (the highest award given for pharmaceutical research and is considered to be the “Oscar” equivalent) in 2007 (NYC, NY). In 2005, Dr. Armstrong was chair of the preeminent Gordon Research Conference on Natural Products. He was awarded the Thomas Alva Edison Award in 2008 for his patent on the asymmetric hydrogenation process for the preparation of Sitagliptin, the active ingredient in JanuviaTM. In August of 2010, Dr. Armstrong, along with two other chemists at Merck, were presented with the “Heroes of Chemistry” Award (Boston) by the President of the American Chemical Society. He has more than 40 publications, over 70 invited lectures around the world and 12 patents.

Subho Roy, PhD

Vice President - Chemistry

Dr. Roy is one of the key members responsible for the growth of the company. He has been with the company since 2002. He has completed his Ph.D from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, working with Dr. A.V.Rama Rao,  on synthesis of natural products of biological importance and subsequently spent few years at the university of Kansas, Lawrence, USA,  working with Dr. Gunda Georg for his post doctoral studies. He has more than 20 years of Industrial experience. He is a specialist in new process development, optimization and CMC. Dr. Roy has several publications to his credit and holds seven European patents. He has played a key role in conceptualizing and designing of the manufacturing facility, “Clinivent Research Pvt. Ltd.”, a 100% subsidiary of TCG Lifesciences , which has successfully completed US FDA inspection recently

Puneet Sud

Vice President - Site Head

Pharma leader with 30+ years’ techno-commercial expertise in sectors of API Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences. The last 16 years of which have been in senior leadership positions in API Manufacturing Operations, Product Development & Technology Transfer, CRAMS, and Contract Manufacturing with P & L accountability. Positions held were Site Head, Manufacturing Head, and Business Head of Contract Manufacturing with leading organizations. Adept at process and systems improvement, lean manufacturing, statutory EHS management & regulatory audits. Have hands-on Site turnaround experience and was awarded for this during my tenure with Piramal Enterprises Limited. Have handled large and matrixed teams and have led the change & cultural transformation. Successfully led the site turnaround at Piramal. Managed the cultural shift towards excellence, revamped the facility, debottlenecked the processes to increase the capacity manifold in some crucial products. In CRAMS, made major improvements in project management, delivery and other customer centricity related metrics. Have managed green field and brown field projects for API facilities.

PK Roy Chowdhury, PhD

Vice President - Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Roy Chowdhury is a part of the core team responsible for the growth of the company. He has been with the company since 2001. His area of expertise includes method development and validation of new chemical entities, and impurity profiling and characterization of novel molecules. Prior to joining the company he worked with Ranbaxy Research Laboratories, Lupin Pharmaceuticals and Hindustan Aluminum Corporation. Dr. Roychowdhury is a PhD from Banaras Hindu University in Organic Chemistry, India.

KDV Prasad Reddy

Head - Quality

Mr.KDV is one of the key member responsible for the growth of the company. He has been with the company since 2008. He has more than 23 years of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug Industrial experience. He is a specialist in driving the team to USFDA, MHRA, TGA, KFDA, ISO  and EDQM audits. Mr.KDV has several regulatory audits completed to his credit. He has played a key role in designing and qualification activity of the Kilo Laboratory and Manufacturing facility.

Mr. KDV did his post graduation  from Barkatullah University,Bhopal, India, After completion of his post graduation ,carrier started  with VIRCHOW Laboratories, Hyderabad, India.

Ajay Yadav, PhD

Director - Chemistry

Dr Ajay K Yadaw currently working as Director-chemistry has been associated with TCG Life sciences since last 18 years. His key role is to look into the “Process research & Development” (PR&D) activities at TCG and  also involved in technology transfer to the manufacturing site at Hyderabad (Clininvent research Pvt limited).He has a dynamic & Passionate team with innovative mind set and hence able to make several collaborations successful and eventually built a long and mutually benefited Professional relationship with several clients. He has been awarded by TCG LS for his innovative contributions made to address the chemistry challenges of few important and critical projects

Dr Yadaw completed his Ph.D in 2001 from a prestigious central university of India known as Bananas Hindu University (BHU) while working on “Design and synthesis of some novel Ru-based anti-cancer and anti-HIV products. His research findings were published in several reputed national and international Journals as well as patents. Before joining to TCG he also got an opportunity to work in DAE (Department of atomic Energy) sponsored project and could make it successful.

Gopal Sirasani, PhD

Director-Operations & Business Development

Dr. Gopal Sirasani received his bachelors in Chemical Technology, masters in Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Chemical Analysis and Quality Management in India. He obtained his Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof. Rodrigo B. Andrade at Temple University where he developedand applied novel synthetic methodologies towards the step-economic, asymmetric syntheses of biologically active and complex natural products and analogs thereof (SAR).

He then received his post-doctoral training with Prof. Emily P. Balskus at Harvard University in developing biocompatible organic reactions utilizing microbially generated reagents to realize transition metal catalysis in the presence of microbes.

Dr. Sirasani is a highly energetic and inclusive mind-set leader with over 15 years research experience in the academic and pharmaceutical industries with extensive knowledge and experience in drug discovery and process chemistry.

He worked in integration of synthetic organic chemistry and structure-based drug design (SBDD) to address important medicinal chemistry problems using natural and un-natural products.Dr. Sirasani is instrumental in developing and delivering several drug candidates for clinical trials, efficient in project management and dealt with multiple CROs in leading medicinal chemistry programs. In addition, working with a team of people, he scaled-up and delivered drug candidates for toxicity studies on multi-gram scale

Expertise in Business Development activities and selected for a special acknowledgement called “Best of The Best” at Ondeo Nalco India, on a national level.Lots of exposure in setting-up new laboratories and handling the operations. Experienced in equipment purchases and negotiations.

Received the prestigious awards: Daniel Swern Fellowship, Outstanding Research by a Graduate Student, Francis H. Case Fellowship (at Temple University) and Horst Witzel Fellowship from Cephalon, Inc.

Narasa Raju Ale

Associate Director - ADL

Highly motivated team player with 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical analytical Research and Development supporting drug development at various stages such as  library, Medchem, Clinical and API and support  for DMF filings.

Expertise in separation science technologies such as HPLC, Chiral HPLC& GC, Preparative HPLC isolations, Gas chromatography, Multi-dimensional chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, ion chromatography and GPC.

Expertise in development and optimization of analytical methodologies (Related substances & assay by HPLC and GC) for APIs, raw materials, intermediates, in-process controls (IPC), NCSS targets and NCEs. And supported method validations and  transfers and  plant investigations (OOS/OOT)

Expertise in impurity profiling and characterization of unknown impurities in API’s, intermediates and starting materials by  LC-MS, GC-MS, FT-IR and NMR-1H, 13C and 2D-NMR techniques.

Technical support for development and validation of chiral HPLC/GC methods for determination of enantiomeric purity using different types of CSPs such as polysaccharide (coated and immobilized phases), cyclodextrin and protein based CSPs and derivatizations methodologies.

Supported various projects in analytical development related to peptide APIs,  fine chemicals, surfactants, pesticides and polymers (Polyester polyols, Polyurethanes dispertions, Polymethyl methacrylates and polypropylenes )

Trained on Agilent process GCs and Siemens Maxum-II process GCs and expertise in  parallel chromatographic techniques

Experience in handling multiple Clients/ CROs projects across different geographies in various analytical  programs to deliver the projects on time.

Experience in setting up of new analytical developmental laboratories in different organizations understanding the new regulatory requirements.

Rakesh Pandya


Mr. Pandya is currently responsible for the financial management of the company. He has been associated with TCG Lifesciences since 2001. He has over 20+ years of experience in finance. Prior to joining the company, he was employed with DSP Merrill Lynch, ITC Classic Finance, Institute of Molecular Medicine and Chatterjee Management Services Private Limited. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India.

Kundan Kumar

Director - Supply Chain

Mr Kundan Kumar is responsible for managing supply chain functions of TCG lifesciences, which includes Procurement, sourcing, planning, logistics and Imports & Export . Mr Kumar has been associated with the company since June-2019. He has over 15+ years of experience in managing across supply chain functions of various pharmaceutical companies.
Prior to Joining TCG life sciences he has worked with LUPIN, DR Reddy’s Laboratories- China, CIPLA, Shanghai Fulland Pharma etc.
Mr Kumar holds a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from MSRIT, Bengaluru and a Master degree in Pharmaceutical management from NMIMS, MUMBAI.

Anirban Mitra

Head - HR & Admin

Anirban is a passionate Human Resources Professional with 18+ years’ of experience in organization building and HR transformation. In this journey he had playedmultiplestrategic and leadership roles covering areas like Talent Management (HRBP), Employee Relations, HR Compliance, Compensation & Benefits, HR Policy & process development, Recruitment etc. in diverse business domains, Industries, including Godrej, Lafarge, BOC, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, Vesuvius and very recently he has joined TCG Life Sciences as Head – HR & Admin.

Anirban completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management from Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM), Calcutta University – Class of 1998. He is also a certified Assessor on Assessment Centre Approach to Competency Mapping from XLRI. Anirban was recognized as one of the Top HR leaders, West Bengal, by World HRD Congress.

In his last assignment with Vesuvius (where he was employed till March’2019), he used to head the Corporate HR practices for India and was responsible for managing some of the key corporate HR Initiatives, like Talent Acquisition, Development, Organization Development, People capability enhancement etc.
In his current role as Head – HR & Admin in TCG Life Sciences, he is responsible for leading the HR & Admin practices in India.

As a People leader, Anirban has played a significant role in transforming the HR Business Partnership to the next level. He could easily build relationships with the business leadership at all levels through by his ability to help them, advise them and provide consulting solutions to all their people related issues. He has always built a strong HR credibility to the business with an in-depth understanding of business, needs of the business, consistent delivery of high quality of HR strategic services in line with business needs, leading to enriched professional experience for employees.

Anirban has the ability to build a robust team of smart, creative people, who can align themselves easily with the business needs of the organization and deliver quality output in a consistent manner. He has always been successful in retaining the best people by creating an open-ended, inspiring team environment and eco-system enabled by trust and fairness.

Chandrakanth Ramshetty


Mr. Chandrakanth Ramshetty is Masters in Environmental Science Plus Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety having more than 27 years of work experience in the field of, Production, Quality control and EHS (Health, Safety and Environment). I was associated with Hetero Labs, Piramal, Mylan, Privi and Vani organics.

Presently working with Clininvent Research Private limited (A TCG Life Sciences Company) as HOD for EHS.
I am certified safety officer and implemented following management system ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational health and safety, ISO 14001:2015 Environment management, ISO 50001 Energy Management, Five Star Safety system from British safety institute.

I am certified Lead auditor for ISO 45001:2018 Management system and Internal auditor for ISO:14000, ISO:50001.