Brian Moloney, Ph.D.

Dr Brian Moloney is resident in San Diego, California, and covers Business Development for TCG Lifesciences for the US West Coast, and Europe. Brian has almost 30 years experience in the Agrochemical, Biotech/Pharma, and CRO industries, in both Operations and in Business Development. Prior to joining TCGLS in April 2018, Brian was with WuXi AppTec, eMolecules, BioDuro, Evotec, and AgrEvo/Sanofi. Brian was a pioneer in the combinatorial chemistry and automation fields, and has authored many scientific papers and patents. A fungicide designed and synthesized under Brian’s direction, has been commercialized. Brian obtained his Chemistry BSc at Leicester University, England, his PhD from Cardiff University, Wales, and did his Post-Doctoral studies at Stanford University, California.