Gopal Sirasani, Ph.D.

Dr. Gopal Sirasani received his bachelors in Chemical Technology, masters in Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Chemical Analysis and Quality Management in India. He obtained his Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof. Rodrigo B. Andrade at Temple University where he developedand applied novel synthetic methodologies towards the step-economic, asymmetric syntheses of biologically active and complex natural products and analogs thereof (SAR).

He then received his post-doctoral training with Prof. Emily P. Balskus at Harvard University in developing biocompatible organic reactions utilizing microbially generated reagents to realize transition metal catalysis in the presence of microbes.

Dr. Sirasani is a highly energetic and inclusive mind-set leader with over 15 years research experience in the academic and pharmaceutical industries with extensive knowledge and experience in drug discovery and process chemistry.

He worked in integration of synthetic organic chemistry and structure-based drug design (SBDD) to address important medicinal chemistry problems using natural and un-natural products.Dr. Sirasani is instrumental in developing and delivering several drug candidates for clinical trials, efficient in project management and dealt with multiple CROs in leading medicinal chemistry programs. In addition, working with a team of people, he scaled-up and delivered drug candidates for toxicity studies on multi-gram scale

Expertise in Business Development activities and selected for a special acknowledgement called “Best of The Best” at Ondeo Nalco India, on a national level.Lots of exposure in setting-up new laboratories and handling the operations. Experienced in equipment purchases and negotiations.

Received the prestigious awards: Daniel Swern Fellowship, Outstanding Research by a Graduate Student, Francis H. Case Fellowship (at Temple University) and Horst Witzel Fellowship from Cephalon, Inc.